CAPA – O what a night!

Wow.  Freakin wow!

Can you even believe we have come this far?

We just finished the HSC Showcase!

Showcase photos on Facebook

And you all made me so proud last night – you really showcased your strengths, as performers, and as teammates.

I remember when we started this class two years ago, saying to you that I wanted to bond as a group and work like a real ‘company’ of sorts.  Now, here we are, and I honestly could not have asked for more.

I know the performances next week are going to be great.  Last night was a turning point for us…the finish line is in sight now and it’s time to rise to the challenge!  Last night was just a warm up – now it’s time to be rock stars!!


  • Everyone should be coming into school to collect their log books tomorrow, so you can work on them over the weekend.
  • Script, Costume and Video Drama IPs also MUST be into school on Monday 31st August by 9am at the latest.
  • Two groups are coming in on Monday, and all IP Performance should come for rehearsals on Monday too.
  • ALL OF YOU have to be at school ALL DAY on TUESDAY (for rehearsals) and WEDNESDAY (for the…EXAM!)

Finally, when I see you, please give me a mobile phone number that I can contact you on over the weekend and next week.  Or, email it to me.  Don’t forget, this is my first time at this too, and I want to make sure I get everything right!

CAPA Showcase

The Creative and Performing Arts HSC Major Work Showcase

will be held on

Wednesday 26th August, at school.

Attendance is mandatory.  All HSC Drama, Music and Visual Arts Major Works are displayed and assessed on the night.

Group and Individual Performances will be done on the night.  All other Individual Projects will also be on display.  Log books must be submitted, but will not be marked.  Everyone must hand in a draft rationale for their individual project.

The show starts at 6pm, but we all have to be at school from 3pm at the latest.


Thoughts about OnStage

WOW.  How good was OnStage!!

My personal observation from the day is that it really shook most (all?) of you up – some people seemed a bit daunted (dare I say, scared?) at times by the high standard of work on display, others seemed inspired.

Before you forget all those lovely thoughts and feelings that rattled around in your mind that day, make sure you add a comment here telling us all what you thought of the projects and performances, and what it has made you stop and think about in relation to your own work.

(says it all, really)

HSC IP standards website

Go to this site. Thank me later.

NB: This site was designed to help teachers to use a common standard in the new HSC.  It is from 2002 – and some things have shifted since then.  This website is not a guarantee (i.e. “but my design was better than the Band 5 on the website, and I only got a band 4. I hate my teacher – she is a liar!”)  In other words…it is a GUIDE ONLY!  But a very useful one – have fun 🙂

Checking In

Welcome back to school Year 12, and to a shiny new year of Drama.

This week I would like ALL of you to post a comment here, to ‘check in’ with your classmates and I about how you progressed over the holidays with your Individual Project.

Did you get some ideas down over the break?  Think about characters, design elements, or dialogue?  Did you meet up with any Drama buddies to talk about your projects?  Or…are you perhaps suffering from the dreaded P.H.E.L.D. (Post-Holiday-Empty-Logbook-Disorder)?

Please add a comment to thos post, and KEEP IT RELEVANT!  The blog gets difficult to engage with if the conversation strays too far or for too long!

Getting Motivated

Finding it hard to get motivated to work on Drama IP these holidays?  Why don’t you try:

  • Working with a study buddy. Get in contact with someone else in the class and organise a day or night of hanging out together with your log books, writing down anything that you think might contribute to shaping your work.
  • Typing up some ideas. Holidays are a great time for being distracted by the computer – why not just leave a document open in the background and add ideas to it in between Facebook-ing!  At the end of the day, print it out and paste it into your log book.
  • A change of scene. Take your log book outside in your garden, to a park, with you on the train, to the beach, down to a public library, to your gran’s…wherever.  Choose an enjoyable space and aim to fill between 3-5 pages.

What other ideas do you have for getting motivated?  Are you, like Meagan, having too much fun bludging with video games to contemplate ‘work’??  Or have you done something recently to get motivated that worked???