Essay Homework: Due Friday 14th August

This afternoon in our study group we looked at the past HSC questions for the Drama (theory) exam and discussed how we would approach each of them.  You too can look up all of the past HSC exams (and the examiners reports) yourself on the Board of Studies website.

This is the question that we decided to answer by the end of the study lesson:

‘Festivity and fun are more important than social and political goals in site-specific, street and event theatre.’

Discuss this statement in relation to the work of the performance makers you have studied, and your own experience.

Full essay answers to this question are DUE ON FRIDAY in class.  If you aren’t at school on Friday (firstly, why? Jyoti I’m looking at you!), please hand this in early, or email it to me.

Australian Drama Essay

Don’t forget the essay you will be writing in class tomorrow.  The essay topic is:

How are the dramatic forms and theatrical techniques of the plays you have studied used to portray the struggles of the characters?

Answer this question with reference to both Seven Stages of Grieving and Ruby Moon.

Students who attended class last Friday discussed this topic, and made the following notes:

  • That dramatic forms that should be discussed are the use of an episodic structure and Aboriginal drama traditions in 7 Stages… and the use of absurd theatre conventions in Ruby Moon (even though Cameron says in his interview that this was unintentional!).  You could also discuss the allusions to stories i.e. Dreamtime, and Fairytales.
  • That some theatrical techniques that you could refer to are: staging and costume chosen for each play, the use of two actors performing all of the characters in RM, running on the spot in RM, examples of dialogue, characterisation use by yourself in your first Assessment Task for RM or by Lisa Flannagan in the Sydney Theatre Company production of 7 Stages…
  • That you must focus your essay on showing how the struggles of the characters have been portrayed in each play.  This involves identitfying specific characters, and their specific struggles.  This is a good opportunity to link to context (Australian characters, Australian issues and landscapes, Australian Drama and Theatre traditions)
  • That the struggles of the characters in each play can be linked, if you wish, through a shared theme.  e.g. truth vs. steretype; grief and sadness; hope vs. loss; the need for freedom and independence.

Post questions and discussion here.  I’ll try and check in tonight around 9.

Getting Motivated

Finding it hard to get motivated to work on Drama IP these holidays?  Why don’t you try:

  • Working with a study buddy. Get in contact with someone else in the class and organise a day or night of hanging out together with your log books, writing down anything that you think might contribute to shaping your work.
  • Typing up some ideas. Holidays are a great time for being distracted by the computer – why not just leave a document open in the background and add ideas to it in between Facebook-ing!  At the end of the day, print it out and paste it into your log book.
  • A change of scene. Take your log book outside in your garden, to a park, with you on the train, to the beach, down to a public library, to your gran’s…wherever.  Choose an enjoyable space and aim to fill between 3-5 pages.

What other ideas do you have for getting motivated?  Are you, like Meagan, having too much fun bludging with video games to contemplate ‘work’??  Or have you done something recently to get motivated that worked???

Homework Questions

Approx. one paragraph – half page on each of the following:

  1. What is interesting about the play so far?
  2. What are the characteristics of the four characters (their personality, appearance etc.)
  3. Read the notes on ‘Theatre of the Absurd’ from last lesson.  What aspects of the play reflect Theatre of the Absurd so far?

Due next Tuesday 5th August. Hand in on a seperate sheet of paper please.